New Rules

Being raised by women, and a multitude of female friends my entire life, this was special, this was important.

Time has changed. So have the rules. #NewRules.

Client: Lady Footlocker

Role: CopyWriter

Agency: JKrNYC

Summer Watermelon Ciroc

Working with Puff, Puffy? Puff Daddy?

Working with Diddy and Khaled whether it be in the Watermelon Garden of Eden, or Seeing Watermelon Everywhere.

It’s just as fun as you think it is.

Client: Ciroc

Role: Copy Writer.

Company: Combs Enterprises


Silver Moon Barbershop

The past inspires the future.

We took sneakers and inspired cuts for the culture. In Atlanta we brought back a relic, oh + a couple of the homies pulled up too.

Client: Adidas

Role: CopyWriter

Agency: Opinionated PDX

Partner: Tevin Tavares


Vitamin Water

My time at W+KNYC quickly became about all the things we can say on a bottle.

If you want to learn how to become the next Youtube sensation go pick up a Refresh bottle at your local 7/11.

Client: Coke

Role: CopyWriter.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Partner: Esteban Cardona Jimenez